Sunday, May 18, 2008

Three Feet Under: Journal of a Midlife Crisis

Three Feet Under: A Journal of a Midlife Crisis by Christie Gabour Atwood

Christie Gabour Atwood gives an enlightening and hilarious view into midlife and the humor. This book is written as a one year journal and gives the reader many insights into a normal life and the struggles to get through daily life.

Christie shows us what to do with gym equipment that isn't being used. She has "decorating" advise for ceiling fans, and much much more.

Passages in the book are side splitting and funny, while others will tug at your heart strings. As you read, how many of these things have you done? How many of these things have you seen others do? Does it help you understand what others are going through?

Whether you are going through midlife or are heading toward midlife and for people who have been through these turbulent years, you should pick up this book. Midlife isn't the end - it is a humorous interlude. Every one goes through this time - how will you face midlife?

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frogcollector said...

This book is on it's way to me now! Anything I can read that will help with my "midlife crisis" is well worth the money. Especially if it has humor.

I started my own blog to help me keep busy during my empty nest/midlife crisis period.

Thanks for sharing!