Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Abbott & The Acolyte in Death and Taxes

Abbott Rutilius is assigned to travel to various monasteries to balance their accounts in 13th century France. Does that sound serious and boring? You might think so, but you would be wrong. This story includes, robbery, temptation, two murders, tempting women, afternoon romps, food theft, and much more.

The Abbott brings a young man to work with him in his travels and these two get into all sorts of situations. The Abbott seems to often be on the hunt for a decent meal and you can tell that he doesn't feel that he must deny himself of some comforts of life. There's an interesting group of characters in this story and they each play important roles. You will have to read to the end to see who is really innocent and who is really guilty. And, who is that beautiful young woman who seems to pray a lot?

I've seen episodes of the BBC show Cadfael and this reminded me of that series although there is more humor. The Abbott thoroughly enjoys a rich meal. He makes it clearly known when he isn't happy with the food that is prepared. He meets a mysterious woman from a nearby village and is very pleased when she invites him to dinner parties. Abbott Rutilius also has some personal problems that offer some very humorous episodes within the story.

An interesting setting, fascinating characters, suspense, intrigue, misappropriation of church funds and much more await for you in this tale of death and taxes.

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