Sunday, May 18, 2008

Deal A Story by Sue VIders

Deal A Story A Brain Storming CARD GAME

for individuals or groups:
fiction genre writers,
screen and play authors,
writing classes/groups,
improv actors,
cartoonists, etc

Usually I post reviews about books - but this product is for writers, so I feel its appropriate. Sue Viders has developed a "card game" that can be used to create and plot stories. There are a variety of cards, including: hero, heroine, villain, flaw, plot and genre cards. There are even wild cards to shake things up. The idea is to use various combinations of the cards to create your story. It is a way to get the creative juices flowing and to help you learn to think "outside the box". The deck includes 101 different cards and the box says there are 1,000,001 story ideas.

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Teresa Reasor said...

I've used the Deal a Story cards, too and love them. It gives you an infinite list of story ideas to use. I've had such fun with them.
Teresa Reasor