Friday, April 25, 2008

Beyond Booked Solid by Michael Port

Recently I was contacted to read and review Beyond Booked Solid by Michael Port. Earlier he released Book Yourself Solid and this latest book is about the next steps in running and owning a business.

I've written a number of books and have been running a variety of businesses for twenty years. I've had many experiences of my own and I've read many books on the topic of business management. So, I went into the book with the expectation that it would be similar to all those other business books I'd read. My expectations were way off base.

I really enjoyed the book and found many points that I had experienced myself. There were many things mentioned in the book that I know for a fact - work. There were some places in the book where Michael Port was very clear that if the reader didn't follow his instructions, they simply would not move their business forward.

I had to smile as I remembered the number of times I told that to business owners I worked with or business partners who refused to make necessary changes. The author showed a good sense of humor throughout the book and the style was very conversational, which I prefer. I like the writing style to speak to me, not preach at me.

Some of my favorite topics included: preparing for the future, being creative (my favorite section), building blocks for business, measure your objectives, how to get things done, how to develop business systems (one of the best pieces I've read on this topic), how to hire and outsource, building alliances and partnerships, and creating balance in your life.

In the last chapter, Michael Port included personal experiences from a variety of business people that showed what is possible and how to take a simple business idea and then build it into something much bigger and more successful.

I highly recommend this book for a business owner and/or manager who is working in a busy business, but wants to take it to the next level. Its very easy to be overwhelmed in business and in real life when a business grows. But, apply the many invaluable tips and suggestions that the author shares with you and the business and your life should improve. I'll keep my eyes open for the next book by Michael Port.

Nikki Leigh
Award Winning Author and Publicist

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Jack Payne said...

I like your rambles into the normal business culture, Nikki, as supposedly practiced, universally. As far as these sorties go, you are "spot on."

But, wait till you get into "legal" crime as practiced all the time in business--everywhere. Some of the findings here will pop your eyeballs.