Sunday, April 13, 2008

Frankie the Walk 'n Roll Dog by Barbara Techel

I have to start by saying this book is absolutely adorable. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean its filled with fluff. But, the "heroine" is a sweet little weiner dog. We learn about Frankie and how she came to live with her humans. Wouldn't we all like to hear what our pets think about the first time they met us? Frankie is a friendly dog who loves her humans and makes friends at a variety of places, including the local farmer's market.

The author, Barbara Gail Techel, shows us how the relationship between Frankie and her humans develops and one day, they leave town on a vacation. While they are out of town, Frankie and Kylie stay at the kennel and even though they miss the rest of their family, they are doing all right. One evening, Frankie gets a little rambunctious and she lands hard on the cement floor. She can't feel her back legs, but she feels stabbing pains in her back. The caretaker at the kennel takes Frankie to the vet and her family come back from their vacation when they hear about the accident.

Frankie has surgery, recovery and rehabilitation to get her back legs moving again. Even though Frankie feels better and gets back to being herself, but her back legs are not moving. Her mother finds a cart with wheels that allows Frankie to get around.

The later portion of the book is inspiring and deals with perceptions and concerns for anyone who is disabled. This is written in a simple fashion and contains beautiful pictures, but the points being made will benefit a reader and animal lover of any age. Any pet owner with a disabled pet should definitely check into the cart mentioned in this book. It is a wonderful way for an animal without the use of their hind legs to get around.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to meet an inspiring and unique heroine and who loves animals.

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