Thursday, January 10, 2008

Saratoga Summer by Dorice Nelson

Dorice Nelson brings a dramatic time period vividly to life in her book, Saratoga Summer: 1863. The characters are vivid and colorful, whether it is an independent spirit or fiery red hair. We learn about New York during a very turbulent time in American history and the horse industry in beautiful Saratoga. Mrs. Nelson's love and knowledge of horses will jump off the pages and adds a wonderful dimension to the story. The tension and attraction between Sinead and Con are obvious and the reader feels their struggle. They were married on paper to save a young boy. Sinead is in New York and Con is in Ireland at the time. Once they meet in 1860's New York, the fireworks begin. The young "newlyweds" try to get to know one another while the Draft Riots erupt all around them. Fire, violence and destruction push in on all sides. At this point, the family head to horse country. Sinead must face her terrible fear of horses which was caused by a tragic accident when she was a child. Will these young people be able to make a life together? I could tell you, but I don't want to rob your chance to experience this wonderful story for yourself.

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