Saturday, June 20, 2009

Manhattan is My Beat by Jeffrey Deaver

This is one of Jeffrey Deaver's early books and the main character is a very colorful young woman named Rune. She has a hard time finding a job and an even harder time keeping a job. Rune isn't her real name of course, but I don't think I remember her mentioning her real name. She was also in Death of a Blue Movie Star - very good book.

In this book Rune is working part time in a video store and she has become friends with an older gentleman who comes in the store and rents the same movie time and time - Manhattan is My Beat. He tells her that the movie is a high point in his life and that means Rune's imagination is working over time. Then one day, she goes to his house to pick up a movie that needs to be returned and she finds him in his apartment --- dead. Talk about kicking your imagination into overdrive.

She cared about the man and now she is determined to figure out what really happened to him. She is also curious about whether he was involved in the unsolved bank robbery that is the subject of Manhattan is My Beat. The problem is, she doesn't realize killers are on her trail and working to tie up some loose ends.

This is an early work by Jeffrey Deaver - but it has his trademark plot twists and there were even a couple that I didn't see coming.

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